I have 8 Daughters, with 4 of them being elementary school age, and still living at home:

❥ Scarlett Rose age 12
❥ Savannah Rose age 10
❥ Delta Rose age 10 
❥ Georgia Rose age 7

I was a Fashion designer & ♫ Pop/Hair/Glam Metal Musician/DJ/Producer ♫ on the 80’s Sunset Strip in West Hollywood California, and in 2013 I returned to the fashion industry as the same, except this time it will be a book, and maybe even a fashion line set for Winter 2017.

I like
✔ beauty and fashion

✔ art
✔ music
✔ singing
✔ song writing
✔ writing
✔ cooking
✔ baking
✔ gardening
✔ photography
✔ film-making
✔ camping
✔ fishing
✔ crafts
✔ travel
✔ Chess and other games
✔ reading, and reading to others.

Sometimes we like to just get into the car and drive, sometimes we stop at yard sales, or just stop somewhere and take pictures just because. We love to go anywhere, see anything, and do anything, because every and anything new is a learning experience.

My Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

The ✞ Bible ✞ (of course) some chick-lit, YA, Fantasy-Fiction (Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” is my fave.) is of interest. I have and will read all kinds of stuff, just too many and much to list. I read a lot of Judeo-Christian Academic books, as well as other literature current and classic. I love audiobooks as well. I love Newspapers and Magazines, and If I had to outline my favorite list of books, then it has to be the dystopian ones… 1984, Atlas Shrugged, Brave New World, Stranger in a strange land, Fahrenheit 451. But I could on for hours on all the books I have read, and the many genres I love.

I do a lot of reading, and I love reading to others… 🙂

The movies “Rock of Ages” , “Pitch Perfect” & “Empire Records” are my favorites, but I lean towards romantic-comedy (chick flicks) and anything Disney (of course). 80’s movies are great, and ★John Hughes is mandatory in my love! I also like ★ Kevin Smith movies, some Sci-Fi, and indie films are always a hit! If Sundance, SXSW, or TriBeCa touts it, then it must be on my list to look into… The girls and I are HARDCORE ★ Sandra Bullock, ★ Reese Witherspoon, & ★ Dakota Fanning fans, along with a few others.

Here is a small, small sampling of our family taste in films:

✔ Anything Disney
✔ Adventures of Ford Fairlaine
✔ Pi, faith in chaos
✔ Sweet Home Alabama
✔ Steel Magnolias
✔ Indiana Jones Series
✔ Hope Floats
✔ El Mariachi
✔ The Notebook
✔ Sweet November
✔ PS I Love You
✔ 50 First Dates
✔ Never Been Kissed
✔ Memento
✔ The Godfather I, II, & III
✔ Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
✔ Jersey Girl
✔ Bridget Jones Diary
✔ Gone Country
✔ Requiem for a dream
✔ Legally Blonde
✔ Goodfellows
✔ Sleepless in Seattle
✔ Clueless
✔ The usual suspects
✔ The Blind Side
✔ Bring it on
✔ Most Musicals
✔ My Girl
✔ 28 Days
✔ Man on fire
✔ Starship Troopers
✔ I am Sam
✔ American Beauty
✔ Benny & Joon

♫ As for music? ♫

♪♪♪ Anything 80’s is always a hit, and the Hair & Glam Metal of that decade is my favorite. ♪♪♪

♬ I love any and all music when it all comes down to the sound. ♬ I will admit that indie music is at the top of the list, just below 80’s, so I guess I am an old school Hipster at heart.

Never fear, there is a special place in my heart for Country Music… The 80’s was a smokin decade for Nashville as well as Los Angeles..!

The following is what I keep abreast of, both new and classic.

♫ Electronica/Dubtep/House/Dance Of course.
♫ Punk
♫ Rock (never dies)
♫ Country,  my guilty pleasure 🙂
♫ Blues The roots of Rock…
♫ Pop How can you not?
♫ Alternative Indie is always me.

And the Chow?

ツ Ethnic foods are my love, with Mexican food being at the top of the list. Southern Cooking and BBQ’s are my homeland specialties. I love to cook. ツ

TV the majority of the time is:

✔ Sundance
✔ Food Network
✔ Cooking Channel
✔ Travel Channel
✔ BBC America
✔ Lifetime
✔ Hallmark
✔ Vh1 Classic
✔ Disney
✔ ABC Family
✔ Sprout