Chapter One – (*WIP 254/254)

“When are we coming back daddy?” the little girl said as her and her father stood holding hands on the sand, staring out into the fog hovering over the Pacific Ocean. “I am not sure. The family council cannot meet again until something changes, and that something is you.”


“Come on mother, you do realize that marrying your cousin is illegal in America right?” I told her. “Yes, I realize that, but your grandmother has a way to get it done back home.” My mother said as she sat down at the table in the kitchen, pulling her hair away from her face, glancing sideways at me as she rolled her eyes.

“And because some old family council in the emerald isle” I began saying in an exaggerated Irish  accent, “says it ok to pervert humanity, and marry that psycho bitch of a cousin.” I continued with. “Means that it is ok?”

Daddy Rose
A single Father of 8 Daughters, with 4 elementary school aged girls still at home. A Music Producer, Fashion Designer, and Author from the 80's...
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