Children’s Horrible House by N. Jane Quackenbush

The Children’s Horrible House Book Cover The Children’s Horrible House
N. Jane Quackenbush
Middle Grade Chapter Book
Hidden Wolf Books
November 10th, 2015

Holly Spinatsch, a curious and rebellious tomboy, was forewarned by her siblings that if she didn't make her bed, she would be taken away to The Children’s Horrible House...and indeed she was.
On her search for kinship in this seemingly haunted jail like mansion, she discovers a mystery lurking and breathing, crying out for discovery.
However, when she and her friends attempt to solve the mystery, they are only left with more questions.

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ChildrensHH Cover_5.25x8.inddThe Children’s Horrible House by N. Jane Quackenbush

Published on November 10th, 2015

Published by Smashwords Edition

Genre: Middlegrade Chapter Book





Having 8 Daughters, with 4 elementary school aged girls at home, who indeed have issues with keeping their room clean, this book fits in rather well without family dynamic. Wherever we have lived, we have always seemed to find some old school bus that someone has parked in the weeds or forest, and abandoned, so I have told the girls for years that the “ghost bus” will come get them, if they are bad, and don’t do as they are told, or keep things clean, so reading the story with them hit home for them.

They are aged 7, 9, 10, & 12. They all paid attention, they loved the imagery that was offered in the story every now and then, and they indeed loved the changing fonts, as well as the bold that got their attention. It caused them to point and mention to each other that it was present, and at times, caused them to discuss the current spot of the story. I would imagine that the child reading this alone, would possibly experience some of the same lure into interaction, as this did in a group setting.

The chapters are really short, and it gives the reader, as well as those being read to, a very quick sense of accomplishment, and a very smiling/happy feeling of satisfaction. The characters and landscape/world are very well built, they move consistently from beginning to end, letting the younger reader follow along seamlessly.

Treasure and adventure, mystery and suspense. Ya go to classes, and learn to make beds the right way, while interacting with people who’s names share the common theme of Tannin Yerhyde…

The paperback is a little overpriced at $11.99, I myself would not go over $9.99 for it. The cover is of excellent quality. The pages are also nice quality, thick and sturdy. The type is dark and clear. the typeset changes periodically to play into the imagination, with titles of chapters being a font different than the body of the content. There are words that change font, and appear in bold, that catch the eye, that add to the flavor of the story. There are black and white little images that pop up here and there that add a wonderful visual to it. I am just not feeling a chapter book this early in, being priced 1 or 2 dollars what I am used to paying. But that is strictly me. Material wise, quality wise, it is, at least, a ten dollar value.


About the Author:

N Jane Quackenbush

N. Jane Quackenbush is a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University. She lives in a horrible house filled with mystery and fun in St. Augustine, Florida, a place she finds a lot of material by which she is inspired. Many places mentioned in her books are based on actual haunted buildings, star-filled planetariums and magical gardens deep within The Nation’s Oldest City.

N. Jane Quackenbush has also written the following Children’s Picture Books:
The Rocket Ship Bed Trip
The Pirate Ship Bed Trip
The Afternoon Moon
and many more books in the works!








Read below for an excerpt from the book:

It was still dark when we were let out in front of a huge flaming gate. Well, the gate wasn’t actually flaming, but on each side, a gas lantern was lit and with the smudges on my eternally foggy glasses, it made the gate appear ablaze. The shiny black metal not only reflected the flames, but it seemed to make the whole gate glow in unison with the flickering flames. A very tall brick wall covered in thorny bushes grew even higher than the wall, spreading out of sight in both directions. Major Whoopins punched in a code that opened the gates.
We proceeded down a long black driveway lined with spooky cowering trees offering a creepy welcome. Ahead I saw a building. Even though it was still not quite morning, the sun had started to peak over the horizon giving us just the right light to see. It was a three-story maroon colored mansion that looked like it could either be a haunted Victorian house or the fanciest jail ever constructed. I wasn’t sure. It looked like a jail because it had bars on the windows, but it also looked like a fancy house because it had white painted porches on the first two stories. The roof line was very steep and had a couple of chimney stacks. The front right side of the building had a square turret that made it look nice, but frightening. At the top of the turret, I noticed a bar-less window with lace curtains. As I stared, I felt someone staring back. A woman’s form moved from behind the curtain, and then she was gone.
“Who was that?” I asked, mostly to myself, but I guess Major Whoopins heard me because he answered me saying in a thick, gruff voice, “You’d best mind yo’ own bidness and you gonna git along just fine, ya’ hear?”
“Yes, sir!” I said hoping to stay on his good side. He gave me a reluctant smile but I saw it.
“See that door?” he asked. “You go on and git up there and wait fo’ Mr. Ree.”
Who was Mr. Ree? I wondered.
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