Ashley 2 by Cathy Nance

EDIT: NOTE—- The artists was misrepresented by someone that stole her artwork. I have since spoken to the artist over the phone, and I am going to strike out all the events that lead the real artist here, to find someone had stolen her work…

Ashley 2 by CathyNanceStudios on DeviantArt 

So today, we school an artist on how thinking they have control over the critic community, ends up being nothing more than an epic fail. I will be up front with the penalty, it comes down to half-star for impact, for the showing of ass by the artist, both on dA, and on her website, because she panicked over a simple question and misunderstanding.

If the above paragraph doesn’t cause the artist to click unfair, in the hopes of hiding the critique from the image itself, not realizing that 4,300+ watchers are exposed to what sits on my profile, and website, forever. I am sure trying to explain the rating system I use will simply aggravate this paranoid narcissist even more.

The lower the vision score, the better, is the standard we use in the vision category, and here we are going with two and a half.

There is a couple of things we can be sure of. It is a human female, and she is lacking in clothing, which gives us %50 of the vision, but from there out, the viewer is given ample opportunity to let their imagine run wild, and in the case of the male of the species, one would surmise that it would be advantageous to the vision, to allow everything possible being left to the imagination.

 It is appearing to hold the classification of boudoir work, according to the “artist”, (which I am temporarily using loosely.), which we will discuss the issue with that next. So little miss photographer, the 2 ½ stars is a “good” thing, because the more a viewer is interacting with the piece, the less the vision, the more the viewer can become a part of the work… You see now? (I will be so glad when this, and the review on her website photos are over, I hate childish artists, yes, still “loosely” Funny, I am such an ass, and need my comments deleted, yet she still manages to “follow/watch” me???)

Damn, this is the first time an artist is actually pissing me off. I sure chose the wrong critiquables to pose my standard question to. And I even followed her social media accounts, because she has a lot of promise. Fucking shoot me!

Where are we at now? Oh yes, originality. I started out with a 3 ½, then looked at the model, and changed it to a 4. (begrudgingly. Can’t fault the model for the photographer)

Ok, I went back, and changed it to 4½, I don’t want to punish the reason I wanted to do this in the first place.

The question is: “Is this original”?

Hell no, not from an artists standpoint. It is just another dime-a-dozen wedding photographer that has branched into anything that expands their portfolio, but!

The model rescues this image, and takes it dangerously close to the perfection of five stars! (Ya like that little wedding photographer dig? I just had to get my 2 cents worth of pissiness in here.)

The majority reaction to the model is going to be “Hot!” Ok, that is legitimate from a POV that has lust as its foundation. Of course, as a boudoir photo, lust is an appropriate foundation, so bravo on that one, but…

If your a female, that is more than likely where you are going to see it from, your reaction is going to be geared more towards the model’s self esteem.

Guys… Without your dick in your hand, stop and look at the picture again.

Imagine her as a Wife and a Mother, (which is a rough target market for boudoir photography, because of the woman’s self consciousness about being older, and being motherly) imagine that she has a few children,m a busy husband, or maybe no husband, and she wants to feel like she is an asset. She wants to feel like she is still someone that can bring out that feeling of lust in a man, or future men, or her husband. She feels unappreciated because her children are such a big part of her life, but her husband doesn’t see her as a big part of his life, because he is out in the world, supporting the family. It is a traditional description, but a majority one in the upper-lower class to upper-middle class family. Lets move on to technique…

3 stars is sooo generous for this! I am refraining from giving it a Wal-Mart 2 star blast, because the model is just saving every inch of this work from an Australian reverse toilet spin.

Boudoir is it? And all of the factors that quantify this are?

  1. No clothing? Hell, even porn can do this.
  2. The Wal-Mart/Sears/Olan Mills generic white background?
  3. What could be a bed sheet around her?
  4. The darker than everyday makeup?


Again, the model saves this step below an elementary school conveyor belt picture from being ignored. Lets get past this, and get to the meat of the critique.

I came into this with a half-star blast of retribution for the childish behavior of the artist deleting/hiding my comments, because I could not understand her reply, and ignoring my comment(s) at her website for some pissy reason, but I just couldn’t by the time I actually got down here to begin typing.

I sat for a moment, wanting to go to 4 ½, and saying “Oh hell no! As if this witch deserved that!” But, knowing that just makes me even more of an ass, I decided to watch two music videos at youtube first, to get myself back in perspective, about why I chose this critiquable in the first place. (which I will explain at the end)

Bo Bruce so hits that song hard.

For impact, we humbly give it the 5 it deserves.

As with all critiques, I ask before doing it…

“Was there something specific you were hoping to get from a critique?”

 And the artist answered…

I want to know what people love about it or what they don’t. I want to know how it makes them feel.

So I naturally assumed that the artist checked my profile first, (like 1 out of 100 do before answering) and saw the note just before Critique 101…

NOTE: I do not do requests. I find you, and if you are new to me, I will usually ask you… “Was there something specific you were hoping to get from a critique?” Your answer dictates what happens from there. Most folks answer this question without checking my profile first, and thus 99 out of 100 times I ask, I get what I call a “ham pressed against the glass” answer, that appears to be nothing more than an unenthusiastic “meh”, showing no real interest in a critique.

So after asking if she saw the note, I got some off the wall answer that had nothing to do with asking if she read my profile first. Something about cheating? So I assumed adultery or something? Maybe her hubby would be angry if some guy critiqued her work or something?

But then realized that the very reason I wanted to do it, was applicable to her answer. (For what it is worthy now to team pissy)

The artist captured the very heart and soul of the model, (fine, there is your credit for it you crybaby. HaHaHa…)

The perfection of hair, makeup, and pose, brought about a heavy impact, when attributed to the lack of vision.

I chose this, because on the 80’s Sunset Strip, I had a girlfriend that would be the spitting image of this model. We were supposed to get married, blah, blah, blah. But her father killed her. It turns out he was raping her pretty regularly, and when he found out she was going to go on with her life (with me) he decided that she would be permanently kept from leaving him for someone else.

The perfect position of her hair, in relation to the freckles on her shoulders. The direction of her face (the angle) in relation to the same. The makeup applied to forcefully bring out the abundance of self esteem that screams from this model, the color of the cloth she is wrapped in, complimenting the model, as well as the positioning and color of the flower in her hair.

It is not some cheap whore to be drilled, but a woman that is trying to re-issue herself, maybe a Mother, maybe a Wife, maybe both, maybe neither. But no matter the station in life, it is a model, and a photograph, (yes, the technique helped here, and in the technique rating.) that is of both a high professional quality, as well as a sincere depth of humanity in quality.

“Off The Record”, it is a solid 5 stars across, but my judgement is skewed because of her resemblance to someone named Calliope.  Even if I were to lower the vision score, and raise the others because of impact, it would still turn out being what it is “On The Record”, a rough 4 star image.

The model is perfect, every color in the image elevates the model to absolute perfection. Though the white background sucks, and drains mountains of energy from her, she battles back, and stands “High Above” the viewer. Too bad I am going to be rather depressed for the next couple of hours, rehashing the past, oh well. Maybe when I go do a critique of this artists pics in a blog post next, I might cheer up a bit.

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  1. The artist didn’t like the 4 star average, and the accolades of her average to above average work. She took offense to me calling her out for being a paranoid narcissistic bitch. Imagine that?

    EDIT: NOTE—- The artists was misrepresented by someone that stole her artwork. I have since spoken to the artist over the phone, and I am going to strike out all the events that lead the real artist here, to find someone had stolen her work…

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