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I love seeing reviewers on their weblogs, and at Goodreads clogging up their review with disclaimers about how they got something free, and it has no bearing on their review of the book.

Are these fools serious? Typing some “disclaimer” is somehow going to assure the reader that the reviewer is somehow now compelled to be honest?

Are people high?

I assure you, that will never happen with me. Would you like to know how you can tell if I got a free book..? Look at the tags. You see the tags on this post?

  • ARC
  • First-Reads
  • Author-Giveaway

If one of those tags appears, guess what? Go ahead, give it a shot, see if you can guess..

If you are at my Goodreads profile page, and you want to know whether or not I paid for a book, or got it for free? Look at what bookshelf it is on:

  • ARC
  • First-Reads
  • Author-Giveaway

 If someone doesn’t trust what I am typing, they can feel free to ignore what I wrote. Now how easy is that? I shouldn’t have to sit here and beg you to believe what I am saying is a legitimate opinion, if you don’t think it is, what is some disclaimer going to do to change that?

For example. Lets say I get a book for free, and I thought it sucked, here is an example of what I would say:

“That book sucked, what a waste of freaking time. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with that drivel. Thank God I didn’t waste $10.99 on that piece of crap, I would be pissed if I did.”

Lets say I paid for that same book at Amazon:

“That book sucked, what a waste of freaking time. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with that drivel. I want my $10.99 back, what a total waste of money. I could have used that ten dollar bill to wipe my ass, and got more use out of it.”

Are we starting to see a pattern of common sense here?

I am a single Father of 8 Daughters, I still have 4 elementary school aged girls at home. I have been raising the girls alone for decades because of issues with the ex. Does one think I would lack integrity, especially with my gender being overflowing with players and dirtbags that run out on the woman as soon as she announces her pregnancy, and the other clowns that consider their monthly child support payment as “raising their kids”?

I’ve dedicated my life to Fatherhood, and I am going to somehow sully the reputation I have spent decades earning inch by inch, over some book review?

What exactly do I get for a fake book review? The pleasure of looking good? Looking what? Appearing as what? A free book? Hell, I can go to the library all day, and get free books all day, how in the hell is a free book a bribe? You want to bribe me, then try:

  • 5 gallons of whole milk
  • 3 packages of Good Nites diapers M-L
  • 10 gallons of gasoline
  • 15 packages of tortillas I can freeze
  • A $50 voucher at a local thrift store

Can you now see how I could care less if some paper and ink was free?

Do you want to know what is important? What’s important is what YOU think of the book. Should you take my opinion as a reason to buy a book? Not unless you are an idiot. Don’t let one person make your decisions for you. Read multiple reviews, see if you can find a sample somewhere, maybe Amazon has a sneak peek. Do your homework before you spend your money, think for yourself.

Book reviews are nothing more than an opinion, they are never to be considered a fact.

Daddy Rose
A single Father of 8 Daughters, with 4 elementary school aged girls still at home. A Music Producer, Fashion Designer, and Author from the 80's...


  1. Well, guy, I may not like the way you say it, but I like what you say!~Alice
    P.S. ‘Little and the Moon’ writing is more my style, but I guess you figured that out from my answer about fading love. Sounds like you’re a terrific Daddy.

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